• Our bookings are on first-cum-first serve basis. Booking is considered confirmed onIy once the 
full booking amount (as mentioned the work-commitment document) is paid and this advance amount is 
always non- refundable.
• We ask the client to brief us about the itinerary and expected guests on the wedding functions so 
that we know the team size needed.
• We do not book or provide location for pre-wedding shoot. It is purely client's choice. Although 
we do recommend a few places that we know, we prefer NOT to shoot at public places for many 
reasons. However, client inputs are always welcome and appreciated.
• We do not allow professional or otherwise any photographers apart from our team to shoot the 
wedding since the overall output is not satisfactory. In case there is, we need to be well informed 
at the time of the booking. In a case of conflict, we reserve the right to back out.
• We love to work with people who have the right approach towards us, who like our style of work 
and who trust us and give us full freedom to be creative.
• We believe professional approach with a personal touch helps us perform better. Be kind to your 
photographers and you will have them sweat it out for you.
• Trust your photographer and you will have something better than what you would have expected.
• It is advisable to avoid dim lighting, LED lights, etc for better picture quality and best 
• We spend our energy on shoot and therefore we expect you to take care of our meals.
• For any wedding assignment happening outside Delhi, the travel, food and accommodation is to be 
arranged by
the client.
• We do not cover fooding (people eating food). You would obviously not like having cameras in your 
face while you are enjoying food.
• Our work is like an art, therefore to prevent it from misuse we always put a watermark, we 
suggest you use our
watermarked images while sharing on social media and not crop the watermark.
• We do not sha re RAW images. Well, the reason is simple, nobody likes to showcase an unfinished 
• We demand a certain period of time to work on the images. If you push us to give us the images 
before that time frame, it leads us to not being able to work on the images properly.
• Hitched & Clicked is known for a particular style. If it doesn't match your taste, we do not see 
a point in you booking
What satisfies us more than money is an appreciation from our client. We have been fortunate to 
have lovely clients and we recommend that if you are not coming th rough a reference, you can 
review our work through our
previous clients or on social media.
• Your last m inute additional requirements will cost you extra.
• In case of cancellation of a wedding which we do hope that never ever should happen, we lose 
business as our dates are already blocked. Therefore, we request you to avail our other services 
and not ask for a refund."Wedding is a once-in-a- lifetime affair. Therefore, never cut corners on 
photography. This is an investment!"

• In case of any dispute, jurisdiction to be remained strictly within Jurisdiction of Delhi or Gautam Budh Nagar. If you are signing us up for any assignment, that means you agree to all our Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page.

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